Aerial Hoop

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Experience the mesmerizing and dynamic aerial hoop performances of Duo Sienna. Sina and Vienna, with their striking resemblance, share a unique bond that radiates on stage like no other. Their unwavering trust creates an infectious energy that captivates audiences every time.

They explore the depths of self-discovery through a stunning display of mirroring and connection. As they twist and spin in harmony, their bodies become one, producing breathtaking moments that capture the imagination.
But it's not only their physicality that captivates—it's the blind, unwavering trust they have in each other. Every performance becomes a reflection of the beauty within.

From the music to the costumes, every detail is carefully crafted to create a modern and outstanding experience. Whether it's a sultry, sensual vibe or an edgy and intense atmosphere, Duo Sienna consistently delivers.

Technical Rider


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